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Theater Arts - UIL One Act


The Girl in the Mirror by Bruce Jacoby

First Auditions… Thursday, November 8 4-6pm

Callbacks… Thursday, November 15 4-6pm

First Rehearsal… Thursday, November 29 4-6pm

Districts Wednesday, 3/20 Brownwood HS

Bi-Districts (if adv.) Sun, 3/24 & Mon, 3/25 Brownwood HS

*Students must be UIL eligible at the time of auditions in order to be cast!

Characters to be Cast

(11 principles, 4 ensemble, 4 alternates)

Susan Connors… 17, bright, poetic, depressed

Mother… early 40s, lonely, embittered, alcoholic

Doctor… 30s, male

The Speaker… 30s, male

Susan’s Father… 40s

Mrs. Douglas… 50s, kindly, maternal

Samantha… 18, Susan’s friend, “pretty”

Bryan… late teens, good-looking, athletic

Bryan’s Friend… late teens, male

Dr. Allen… 40s, warm, gentle, wise, female

Dr. Richards… 40s, clinical, condescending, male

Ensemble (up to 4)... classroom students, party guests, etc.

Alternates… may be cast as Ensemble or as alternates depending on size of cast and # of those auditioning.

Crew (up to 5)…

Stage Manager, Lights, Sound, Stage Crew, & Costumes/Make Up