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                                                   SHH CHAPTER "EL SABIO"
The National Spanish Honor Society "SHH" (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica) is an academic honor society focused on recognizing high school students and their achievement in Spanish. It was created to recognize GHS students that demonstrate academic excellence in Spanish and to promote interest in the Spanish language, culture and friendship  in our campus and in our community.
SHH is an honor society for students of high academic achievement therefore, in order to be admitted students must be enrolled in Spanish for a minimum of two semesters and must maintain an honor average of 3.5 or higher for all Spanish classes.  In order to maintain the SHH membership, those admitted are required to carry out a group project that will benefit the community and complete a minimum of eight service hours to the school and community. 
GHS students enjoy making part of the National Spanish Honor Society because it allows them to  meet other dedicated students that share the same academic goals and interests. They have the opportunity to demonstrate their academic strengths, hard work and leadership skills and to be recognized for their academic excellence in Spanish.


Chiara Renaud